Public service - an instrument for freedom of speech and democracy

in the service of the public It is important in an open democracy that the citizens have access to broadcast media, which is independent of the commercial media market. This media should also stand free from influence from power elites and political parties. The optimal model for this is a public service broadcasting organisation completely funded by public means excluding any commercial financing. Today, this model will only be found in some ten of the 200 countries in the world.

Swedish public service radio and television should contribute to expanded freedom of speech and to promote democratic development. This can be done by the public service operating with highest quality and integrity both technically and contentwise. Financing should be by public means as a license fee or tax funding without any commercial advertising or sponsorship.

What is the Swedish
Public Service Council?

The Public Service Council is a NGO and a think tank with the task of studying, defending and promoting the basic values of public service broadcasting. The Council want to reinforce the democratic control of the organisations or companies with the by the government and parliament appointed mission to operate public service broadcasting. This can be done by developing active communication with the public service audience as well as participation in the public dialogue and the official consultations about public service.

The Council is independent of political parties and has no connections to any authorities, companies or organisations. The Council is funded by membership fees only. Chairman of the Board is Gunnar Bergvall.

The Council is open for membership for any person supporting the basic policy of this non-profit association.

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